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"King's Oil"
Our 10 ml bottle has approximately 300 drops of Olio Del RE a 3 month supply.
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 Olio del Re, Italian for “King’s Oil”, springs from the centuries-old understanding that proper breathing is key to wellness.  ZUCCARI® has re-created Olio del Re® – a blend of 5 therapeutic grade essential oils that, when combined, are well known for their medicinal properties.
In response to stress, the body tightens its muscles – for protection, and to be fully alert.  The heart and diaphragm are the body’s biggest muscles.  When we are relaxed, we breathe deeply.  When stressed, breathing becomes shallow, and cannot supply the body with sufficient oxygen--the foundation of human function.  Olio del Re® relaxes, tones, refreshes, and stimulates, promoting proper breathing and wellbeing.
This wonderful mixture of oils is the perfect addition to a balanced lifestyle and the perfect ally in a world that is not always balanced and serene.

Olio Del RE
Olio del Re® helps:
-clear sinuses
-relieve stress
-alleviate headaches
-reduce tension
-aches, pains, and bruises
-general fatigue
-fight germs

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*Instruction booklet comes translated in Six languages:       English, Italian, German, French, Dutch and Spanish
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